Let us introduce ourselves


My name is Vivi and I worked in our own 2nd hand store ‘Vivi’s Winkelke’ in the town of Echt in Limburg, the Netherlands.
We ran the business with a lot of love and pleasure and over the years it has expanded into the “nicest and coziest” sniff shop in Echt and the surrounding area with many regular returning visitors.

My name is Rinus and I have been working for the Dutch government for decades and unfortunately my health has let me down in recent years.

Slowly, cause and effect became clear and it was time to approach it completely differently. Less humid and a lot warmer and above all no stressful environment could help with that.

As a country, Portugal quickly surfaced for us and after seeing Porturama the real butterflies came.
Quickly take the plunge and send an email to Eric and Jacqueline.A very nice e-mail contact started and we got into our camper even faster and drove towards Mouronho.
The result is now known and we dare to say that we have some very nice friends!
As “regular guests” of Porturama, we hope to share this very beautiful and unique place with you soon.

It couldn’t get any better, being a guest and continuing to enjoy (together) in your own B&B.

See you soon!!
Greetings Vivi and Rinus