Let us introduce ourselves

Rinus was born and raised in Amsterdam and Vivi was born and raised in beautiful Limburg. A perfect combination for something beautiful 😉

Vivi worked in our own 2nd hand store ‘Vivi’s Winkelke’ in the town of Echt in Limburg, the Netherlands.
We ran the business with a lot of love and pleasure and over the years it had expanded into the “nicest and coziest” sniff shop in Echt and the surrounding area with many regular returning visitors.

Besides the shop, Rinus has spent 30 hectic years in the service of the Dutch government. Looking for peace, a new challenge and taking control into their own hands, suddenly Portugal and especially Casa Porturama appeared.
Casa Porturama is a very pleasant place if you like peace, small-scale and casual. This in an incredibly beautiful natural environment! Here you will still find that real rare silence and tranquility .
If you want something different, here on the website you can read a number of options in the immediate vicinity.
As “regular guests” of Casa Porturama, we want to share this beautiful and special place with you from time to time. It would be very selfish not to do it 😉 The ideal combination for us, being and staying a guest ourselves and enjoying this beautiful unique place.
Click on our FB logo or look at Casa Porturama on FB for current photos and activities. We know that this website is a bit dated, but functional enough for our small scale 😉
See you soon!!
Greetings Vivi and Rinus