Here in Portugal you can enjoy a pleasant autumn sun at the end of November.

November is the month of the olive harvest. Ever wanted to experience such a harvest? Which can! Picking olives is a soothing activity.

You book a room with us breakfast included (at a reasonable autumn rate) and then you can help pick a day or a few days.

During your picking day (s) we provide a tasty Portuguese lunch with a good wine from the region! By a “picking day” we really do not mean 8 hours of picking! We will visit the lagar (olive press) with you. If we have picked a decent stock of olives, we will take the entire stock with us. (The lagar we visit is an old-fashioned, authentic cooperative where the olives have been pressed in the same way for decades).

You will not soon forget the specific fragrance! The picking and the visit to the lagar are a special experience.



OlijfolieBe sure to secure a spot and book your “olive picking stay” for the months of November and December each year.

For prices and picking dates, it is best to contact us. The harvest is slightly different every year. Picking starts when the olives are no longer green. And that is difficult to predict ….

You can email us:

You can also call: + 351-9696 21 480 (Eric) or + 351-924 245 553 (Jacqueline)