In the wider area, much more is worth the effort. Unfortunately, we cannot report in detail on everything. So here is a quick summary, let the photos speak for themselves !!



Every year, in the first 2 weeks of November, the town of Golegã is all about a grand horse market. This market is one of the most characteristic in the country and attracts thousands of people. Here, among other things, demonstrations are given with the thoroughbred Lusitano horse. The scent of horses, roasted meat and roasted chestnuts .... Worth it!



A town in Portugal that you really must see. In the summer months (end of June to end of August) you will automatically be happy with the streets that are all "covered" with colored umbrellas. "The Umbrella Sky Project". Enjoy the shady streets on hot days. Were you not yet in a good mood? Then you get that spontaneously!