A medical pedicure treatment is no luxury!

You must do everything to keep your mind and body fit. Of course you choose healthy food as much as possible and you pay the necessary attention to your appearance.

But why is the care of your feet often skipped? One reason could be that almost everyone finds his or her feet ugly. Is that why you prefer not to show them? It may go unnoticed that this may have adverse consequences for the entire body posture. Don’t think a pedicuretreatment is an luxury treatment!

You can prevent pain complaints due to foot problems by regularly visiting the pedicure. This not only improves the condition of your feet, but also improves your overall health. Pay attention at your feet and make an appointment.

And how nice it is to sit back and plan a pedicure treatment during your holiday at Porturama.

Do you suffer from a nasty corn, calluses and fissures, or ingrown toenail? Jacqueline is qualified and treats you professionally! During your stay, if we are not fully booked, you can make an appointment for a pedicure treatment and / or a foot reflexology massage. The pedicure salon is closed in May and August.

For removing corns, calluses, treatment of ingrown nails, foot reflex massages, leg waxing … In short: all common foot care.

What can I do for you?
Cutting nails
Treatment of ingrown toenails
Removing excess calluses and painful corns
Treatment of cracks in the skin of the foot
Smooth finishing of the sole of the foot using a wet spray pedicure motor
Applying nourishing foot cream

Make an appointment, you will definitely feel the difference