Markets in Portugal

Every provincial town in Portugal has its weekly market, as do the towns in our area. The most everyday things are for sale there. One market is somewhat smaller than the other. The biggest happening on any market is eating roast chickens together. There are large barbecues where dozens of chickens are roasting on the spit, for a few pennies you have a wonderfully warm, fresh, crispy chicken with a cold beer, delicious !!! Funny, it is always quite packed on these mornings. Wine and beer already flow freely!

The market in Tabua is on Sunday morning. It is already very busy around 7 o’clock.

It is not a very large market but a colorful one. Outside you first encounter various stalls with trees and plants. Depending on the season you can buy all kinds of (fruit) trees and vegetable cuttings to grow in your garden.

If you continue walking you will find several stalls with small cattle at the back. For example, you can buy chickens, roosters and rabbits.

In the hall we then find the stalls with fresh fruit and vegetables, the cheese farmers who also sell sausages, a number of stalls with delicious fresh bread and confectionery delicacies (Definitely try the pastis de nata!) And a few butchers.

Ask Jacqueline and or Eric for directions!

More markets in the surrounding

In Arganil there is a market on Thursday morning, this is more a standard market with stalls with flowers and plants, vegetable plants, clothing, shoes, baskets etc. Many of these things are traditional Portuguese handicrafts and worth a look. You also often see gypsy (children) selling baskets at these markets.

In Miranda do Corvo there is a 2nd hand “antique” market every 1st Sunday of the month. We down-to-earth Dutch people sometimes have a bit of trouble to distinguish between old junk and beautiful antiques. Strolling through the stalls on a beautiful Sunday morning is always an experience!

In Seia, the weekly market is on Wednesdays. This is one of the larger markets in this area, however the town itself, on the flanks of the Serra de Estrella, is worth more than just the market. We recommend combining the town and the market with a day trip to the highest mountain in Portugal, A Torre.

We have already told you about the beautiful Santa Comba Dão in the environment section, plan your visit on Wednesday morning and you can combine it with the weekly market and then it is even more colorful and busier!

Every 2nd Saturday of the month there is an agricultural market in Côja, just outside the center you can buy all the plants you can imagine. It is difficult to take to the Netherlands by plane, but it is certainly fun to stroll around!

In Oliveira do Hospital they make things a bit more complicated; on every Monday after the 2nd Sunday of the month and every 4th Sunday of the month they have an extensive market where you can get everything.

If you are interested in the state of organic agriculture in Portugal, there is an organic market in Barril do Alva every 3rd Saturday of the month. This market is also known as the “hippie market”. Many hippies are there with a stall of homemade chutney, cakes, etc. The public that visits the market is generally English or Dutch!

In Coimbra there is a large market every 1st Saturday of the month that is well worth a visit. Coimbra undoubtedly has several markets in the month; we only mention the large market here.

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