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Every little town in Portugal has its own weekly market and our area is no exception to the rule.

In Tabua the weekly market is on a Sunday morning. It starts early! Around 7 o’clock it’s already rush-hour. The market is not enormous but it’s colourful. Outside you find lots of trees and plants.

Depending on the season you can get all kinds of fruit-trees, vegetables and herbs, both to use them directly in your kitchen or for planting and growing When you get to the end you find your choice of small animals like chickens, doves, geese and rabbits.

The biggest event on this market is the meal of freshly bbqed chicken with, of course, a few glasses of wine, who cares it’s early in the morning?

Next to the outdoor bbq you will find a large hall which houses the meat, fish, cheese, bread, vegetables and fruit market.

Ask us for directions!

In Arganil you can visit the market on Thursday mornings. This is a more traditional market with a lot of stalls selling clothes, shoes and kitchen utensils. Many sell traditional Portuguese handcrafts such as hats and straw baskets and are worth having a look at. Often you see gypsy children selling straw baskets along the road as well.

In Miranca do Corvo there is an antique market every first Sunday of the month. We are down to earth people and sometimes have difficulty seeing the difference between old things and valuable antique. Strolling through the market on a beautiful Sunday morning however is always a pleasure.

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In Seia the weekly market is held on a Wednesday. This is one of the larger markets in the area but the town itself, built on the slopes of the Serra da Estrella, is worth visiting more than just for the market.

We advise to combine the town of Seia and the market with a daytrip to Portugal’s highest peak, see elsewhere on the site for a description or ask us in person.


Elsewhere on the site you can also find the description of the beautiful town of Santa Combo Dão. Plan your visit on a Wednesday morning and you can combine it with the weekly market so everything is even more colourful.

On every 2nd Saturday of the Month there is an agricultural market in Coja. Just outside the centre of the town you can buy every plant you could ever think of. Taking them back home in the plane might be a challenge but the market is always nice to visit.

Oliveira do Hospital likes to complicate things… on the Monday after the 2nd Sunday of the month and every 4th Sunday of the month they host a large market where you can get almost everything

If you’re interested in the development of biological agriculture in Portugal then we suggest you visit the biological market in Barril do Alva that’s held every 3th Saturday of the month.

In Coimbra there is a big market every 1st Saturday of the month and it is definitively worth a visit. Coimbra undoubtedly has more than one market but this is the most important one.

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