We will do everything we can to make your stay as pleasant and safe as possible, also during Covid-19.

We have 4 rooms with private entrance (external!) and a private bathroom, a large swimming pool, silence, tranquility, fresh air and wonderful views of the mountains and olive groves. We have a lot of space on the property, but also in the near surrounding, many opportunities to walk in peace and quiet. Beautiful forest and rural setting! Exactly the ingredients that are desired after a quarantine.

How can I get to my room?

Your room has a private external entrance and a private terrace with a table and chairs.

What about sanitation and cleaning in my room?

Each bedroom has a private bathroom. Nobody enters your room and the bathroom. If you stay with us for more than 2 days, we will agree with you when we will clean your room and bathroom. Obviously, we will take the necessary protective and precautionary measures. If you prefer to clean your room yourself, we will provide you with cleaning products.

How is breakfast served?

If you are the only guest, we will prepare a small buffet in the breakfast area. If there are several guests, we will not present breakfast as a buffet. In that case, we will ask for your preferences, to avoid waste. In the breakfast space, we have the opportunity to disinfect your hands.

Do we have disinfectant gels in our room?

We assume that you carry the necessary means with you on your travels. In your room, you have hot and cold water and soap. You can wash your hands thoroughly there. Disinfectant gels are only needed in places where there is no soap and water.

Can I swim safely in the swimmingpool ?

Our pool is based on chlorine. Chlorine kills all viruses. So you can swim safely. The 2 meter distance applies on the pool terrace.


Bed & Breakfast Porturama naturally adheres to all rules and regulations that the Portuguese government prescribes for its citizens and we expect our guests to do the same.